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Item #:SCP-048

Varekategori:None (see description)

Special retention procedures:SCP-048 is being retired from the SCP catalog. No future SCP will be assigned this number.

Description:SCP-048 has long been considered a "haunted SCP number" by SCP personnel: all objects bearing this designation tend to be destroyed, decommissioned, stolen, or otherwise lost by the Foundation, usually through no fault of their own. Additionally, personnel associated with SCP-048 in its various incarnations had a 50% higher turnover rate due to death, maiming, and disciplinary action.

It is not known whether the number 048 actually has supernatural properties, but due to the superstition surrounding this number, the designation was removed from the list to help maintain employee morale.

Appendix 1: That's funny. I'm going to prove to you superstitious bastards that you're all cunts. The restriction on SCP-048 has now been lifted and assigned to [DATA SELECTED].- Dr. Cortez.

Appendix 2: SCP-048, [DATA EXPUNGED], was accidentally trashed this morning and lost. In an unrelated incident, the hands of Dr. Cortez was accidentally traumatically amputated in a freak blender accident during lunch. SCP-048 closed.-O5-11

Appendix 3: SCP-048 was once again removed from the archives after it was discovered that such a "Vampire Ship" had never existed, let alone been under Foundation control. It is currently believed that this error occurred when a low-level researcher tried to save his "fantastic story idea" to his hard drive and replaced the empty space reserved for SCP-048 instead. The aforementioned researcher has been removed from all duties of submitting documents for the time being.-O5-11

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