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Item #:SCP-616


Special retention procedures:SCP-616 is to be stored at [REDACTED]. While grounded, maintenance personnel at distance two (2) and higher are permitted to enter the craft and must conduct thorough pre-flight inspections to ensure SCP-616 is ready for flight. However, repair personnel must maintain a distance of at least three (3) meters from SCP-616-1. On flight days, only ordained and faithful priests of the Abrahamic Faith with a security clearance of Level 4 or higher may enter the aircraft and must remain at least 0.94 meters (3 ft 1 in) from the threshold of SCP-616-1 at all times while the craft is positioned at country.

(Video) SCP-616 Vessel and the Gate

At no cost is SCP-616-1 to be shut down once activated. This requires a monthly manned flight. If SCP-616-1 is not shut down, the 600-Shoki process must be initiated.

Each flight, seven (7) archbishops, ordained and faithful to the Abrahamic faith, will surround SCP-616-1. Prayer directed at SCP-616-1 must continue during flight, typically three (3) to seven (7) hours. The prayer must be supported by all capable subjects, but once SCP-616-1 activates, previously established distance restrictions no longer apply. In fact, individuals are encouraged to physically attempt to prevent SCP-616-1 from shutting down, although special care must be taken to prevent personnel from falling over the threshold, as this will likely result in [DATA EXPUNGED]. In addition, one (1) institutional agent trained to fly commercial aircraft will pilot SCP-616 through a pre-planned flight path and must be able to maintain radio communications and incident information on SCP-616. Under no circumstances should the pilot approach SCP-616-1 once the flight has been initiated. All personnel should receive the required religious equipment prior to flight. Foreign personnel should not be present during the flight for any reason, as they will likely be killed by the activation of SCP-616 and the corpses submitted for resuscitation or [DATA EXPUNGED].

The Roman Catholic Pope (or similar Abrahamic religious figure) must bless the aircraft once a year in accordance with the relevant religious ceremony. The employee must report to the institution and physically come to the restricted area at least three days before the end of the year. Failure to do so may cause the door to open, resulting in [DATA SELECTED]. In the unlikely event that an official misses the ceremony, a replacement of the same rank must be available to replace him.

In addition, two ███ nuclear devices with a combined yield of ██ megatons must be armed at all times on board the aircraft. In the event of an end-of-the-world scenario for the XK class, or if the door closes mid-flight, resulting in [DATA EXPUNGED], [DATA EXPUNGED], or transporting enemy creatures in large numbers, these units must be fired if the 600 -Shoki process cannot be spend.

Those with clearance 4 or higher, see [DOCUMENT SCP-616 CP3]

(Video) SCP-616 | The Vessel and the Gate (SCP Orientation)

Description:SCP-616 is a prototype Boeing ███-███, designed by █████ █████████ and manufactured on 6/16/196. Although superficially similar to the Boeing 737 that entered service shortly thereafter, the SCP-616 model had various internal changes, including [DATA EXPUNGED]. Despite various modifications, SCP-616's most prominent feature is the center left emergency door, designated SCP-616-1. SCP-616-1 is a typical emergency door, although it is partially covered with elaborate markings associated with satanic sects that adhere to [REDACTED]. SCP-616-1 is able to be opened without serious incident after landing on the ground and leads to the exterior of the aircraft as expected. However, this is not recommended as almost all staff who open and/or enter the door have reported severe anxiety problems and a persistent feeling of being watched.

Prolonged observation or exposure to SCP-616 is not recommended. Observation by any type of electronic device is satisfactory while SCP-616 is grounded, although some visual anomalies have been observed, including [DATA EXPUNGED]. Therefore, it is recommended that personnel known to have a high tolerance for disturbing images be assigned observation duties and not work more than three (3) consecutive days. All personnel involved in the repair, observation, operation, or flight of SCP-616 must undergo a psychological evaluation after each period of exposure.

SCP-616-1 automatically opens every thirty (30) days and begins to close. This event can be considered the activation of SCP-616-1. The speed at which SCP-616-1 closes depends greatly on SCP-616's height, speed, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. It must be timed so that SCP-616-1 opens in flight, at an altitude of approximately 10,972 meters and a speed of approximately 780 km/h. Failure to accurately date this event is catastrophic, as a complete shutdown of SCP-616-1 while grounded would have affected all life forms in an unknown radius, potentially causing hundreds of [DATA EXPUNGED], posing a serious threat to population centers and requiring immediate use Procedure 600-Shoki. See [Document SCP-616 DE2] for more information on [DATA EXPUNGED] and effective termination methods.

Once SCP-616-1 spontaneously opens, the cabin pressure will destabilize as expected and extreme "turbulence" will occur. At various times during the flight, SCP-616 can be felt by all personnel present as it rapidly descends, although SCP-616 has been shown to remain in a relatively stable cruise state at all times, even during these incidents. Opening SCP-616-1 may cause fatal heart attacks or [DATA EXPUNGED] in some observers.

Corpses with intact larynxes present in SCP-616, once SCP-616-1 is activated, appear to reanimate in flight. Corpses remain mostly immobile and as such pose no physical threat, but can speak. These talking corpses should be terminated if possible, as their speech carries potential psychological risks, as well as allowing SCP-616-1 to be shut down via [DATA EXPUNGED]. The language these reanimated corpses speak is still unknown.

(Video) SCP-616 The Vessel and the Gate | object class Keter

Appendix 616-01:The series of craft never entered service, as various anomalous incidents surrounding test flights of SCP-616 were cited as various design flaws. The foundation confiscated all the plans and drawings. It is now believed that the plans of █████ █████████ were fully conscious and made without external coercion. Documents obtained from the production process describe [DATA SELECTED].

Appendix 616-02:On ███████, a remotely operated rover received a recording of SCP-616-1. All employees who directly watched this video committed suicide within two months in various ways. The video security tape did not cause death, despite containing the full audio and color video recording. It shows a video of a young child [REDACTED] violently in a dark red room. All further attempts to observe beyond the "event horizon" have produced similar results and such missions are no longer permitted.

Appendix 616-03:Interview logs relating to SCP-616 are available in the documentInterview 616-AM.

NOTE:Requires permission level 4 or higher

Although current containment procedures cite the necessity of Abraham's faith and prayer to prevent SCP-616-1 from being extinguished, this necessity is actually fabricated. After various interviews with [REDACTED], [REDACTED], one test, and [DATA EXPUNGED], it was determined that belief in one's ability to keep SCP-616-1 open was ultimately the key element in being able to take action. However, people who possess this fact seem to fare worse than people who don't keep SCP-616-1 open. Whether this is due to the properties of SCP-616-1 or human psychology is unknown.

(Video) SCP-616 | The Vessel and the Gate (SCP Orientation) #shorts

Regarding this problem, Dr. ████████ suggested using religion as an abundant and effective way to harness faith. Today's "Satanic Marks" were actually added by the Foundation. Requiring the blessing of an Abrahamic leader as well as using ordained Abrahamic preachers for the act itself are useful for maintaining morale and strengthening faith. This method proved to be successful, as each flight had fewer casualties and a shorter duration than the first.

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What is the hardest class to contain SCP? ›

The Object Classes in the SCP Foundation are not meant to be used for grading how dangerous the SCP is, but rather how likely it is to escape containment. Following this, the most dangerous class would probably be the Apollyon class, meaning it is impossible to contain, or will inevitably breach containment.

What is the highest number of SCP? ›

Short description. The maximum size for SCPs policy documents is 5,120 bytes. The maximum number of SCPs that can be attached to organizational units (OUs), root, or account is five.

What is the closest thing to the SCP Foundation? ›

A British museum is probably the closest thing to the SCP foundation, with all the stolen goods. Area 51 or just most government tasting sites. The SCP fandom or the idea of it was founded around all of the theories around Area 51. What's your favorite SCP, and why?

What is the weakest SCP ever? ›

In SCP Containment Breach, they have 3 Class D's inspecting 173 simply because it's so dangerous for 1 person to go in. In Secret Laboratory however, so long as a player knows how to walk around with bumping into anything, they can easily just stay ahead of 173 and just keep walking backwards and shooting him.

What is the safest SCP class? ›

Euclid is the Object Class with the greatest scope, and it's usually a safe bet that an SCP will be this class if it doesn't easily fall into any of the other standard Object Classes.

What SCP is number 1? ›

SCP-001, also known as Awaiting De-classification and Top Secret, is a mysterious name given to an SCP in the SCP Foundation. There isn't an official SCP classified as SCP-001, except SCPs which have been proposed to have the title SCP-001, all of which have been listed on the foundation.

Why does SCP 066 say Eric? ›

It will automatically produce notes and effects in the presence of any human, regardless of whether that human interacts with SCP-066. This process takes a minimum of six seconds. When it is not producing anomalous effects, SCP-066 will say the name “Eric” constantly in a deep masculine voice.

Who is the king of SCP? ›

The Scarlet King is one of the overarching antagonists of the SCP Foundation series. He is an ancient and evil god who is portrayed as a ruthless powerful monarch often tied to the destruction of the current world as we know it.

Is the backrooms an SCP? ›

ABC News and Le Monde grouped the Backrooms into an "emerging genre of collaborative online horror" which also includes the SCP Foundation.

Who runs the SCP Foundation? ›

The SCP Foundation is led by the Overseer Council, also known as the O5 Council. The O5 Council consists of usually 13 people who are often only defined as O5-1 through O5-13. The O5 Council has unlimited access to all files and reports without any data expunged or redacted.

How many SCPs are there 2023? ›

However, as of January 1, 2023, there are over 3,000 SCPs listed on the site. The SCPs are organized into numbered categories based on their level of danger and the measures required for their containment, with SCPs numbered from 1 to 4999.

What SCP is free? ›

SCP: Secret Laboratory (SCP: SL) is a free-to-play multiplayer horror game heavily based on the SCP Foundation series and its expanded universe of monsters and paranormal phenomena.

What is the rarest SCP? ›

Thaumiel. Perhaps the rarest class, Thaumiel SCPs are those which in fact aid in the securing and containment of other SCPs. These SCPs are extremely powerful and very little information is disclosed about them, with most personnel knowing only that they exist.

What SCP can destroy the world? ›

SCP-2317-K, also known as the Devourer of Worlds and simply SCP-2317, is an antagonist in the SCP Foundation series. He is an ancient god-like entity hellbent on devouring the world, but was imprisoned by a group of magicians within a pocket-dimension.

Can SCP-173 multiply? ›

On ██/██/████, SCP-173 appeared to multiply, producing two identical copies. Two D-class personnel were killed. It is unknown how this process occurred. Each instance of SCP-173, now labeled SCP-173-1 and SCP-173-2 is to be moved to individual cells each following original containment procedures.

What is the coolest SCP? ›

What Is The SCP Foundation? 15 Best Pieces Every New Fan Should Read
  • The Sculpture. SCP-173. ...
  • [unknown] SCP-055. ...
  • The Remains Of A Chair. SCP-1609. ...
  • Hard-To-Destroy Reptile. SCP-682. ...
  • Plague Doctor. SCP-049. ...
  • The Tickle Monster. SCP-999. ...
  • The "Shy Guy" SCP-096. ...
  • A Perfectly Normal, Regular Old Ikea. SCP-3008.
Sep 22, 2022

Is Keter worse than Euclid? ›

The Euclid class is the next highest risk level and includes objects that may be dangerous but can be handled safely with proper precautions. The Keter class is the highest risk level and includes objects that are considered extremely dangerous and could potentially harm or even kill people if not properly contained.

What class is SCP 001? ›

PREPARE SCP-001. The Gate Guardian is a Euclid/Keter class humanoid entity that is one of many potential entities that share the SCP-001 title. It can be viewed as one of an overarching protagonists of the entire mythos. SCP-001 is the being that prompted the SCP Foundation to exist.

What is Apollyon class? ›

Apollyon is an SCP Containment Class. It refers to SCP's that can be contained/can't and if breach happens the SCP will most likely cause the end of the world.

What is the oldest SCP? ›

Trivia. In addition to being the first SCP ever caught, SCP-173 was also the first one ever created. It was created on June 22nd 2007 by 4chan user Moto42, also known as S.S. Walrus.

What is the cutest SCP? ›

Of all the SCPs the Tickle Monster is probably the sweetest and cutest monster in the organization. It's a small, bright yellow blob of protoplasm that loves to interact with people, and especially likes candy, and being tickled.

Is SCP 939 blind? ›

SCP: Secret Laboratory

SCP-939 instances are blind, and the only noticeable color is gray, outlining the environment and players.

Who is the immortal SCP? ›

Connor is the main protagonist of the series. He is a seemingly human SCP who possesses an ability that the Foundation has dubbed "regenerative immortality" and serves as a Disposable Class personnel for the SCP Foundation.

Who gave birth to SCP-682? ›

In the tale Dust and Blood, SCP-682 is the offspring of the Scarlet King. It was one of the many leviathans spawned from the fourth bride of the king, A'zieb.

Who is the broken God? ›

Mekhane, also known as The Broken God or WAN, is one of the overarching antagonists in the SCP mythos. She is an ancient and mysterious deity in the universe of the SCP Foundation, who is worshipped by the entire Church of the Broken God.

Does SCP 999 have a dad? ›

SCP-999 was conceived by the Seventh Bride (SCP-231-7), who had been impregnated by the Scarlet King via a ritual conducted by either the Children of the Scarlet King, or Lilly.

Which SCP is a hero? ›

Description: SCP-1230 is an unlabeled, green hardcover book with no apparent exceptional qualities. When SCP-1230 is opened, it displays the phrase “A hero is born” on the first page viewed, while all other pages will be blank, "resetting" once the book is closed.

Can SCPs be killed? ›

With the exception of SCP-966, SCPs cannot be killed and can only be re-contained by luring them into their containment chamber, except for SCP-008 and SCP-409 Infected personnel.

Is Stranger things based on SCP? ›

Stranger Things is set in the SCP universe, and HNL is a Foundation front.

How many SCPs are there? ›

As of August 2021, articles exist for nearly 6,600 SCP objects; new articles are frequently written by contributors. The SCP Wiki contains over 4,200 short stories referred to as "Foundation Tales".

How old is O5 1? ›

O5-1: "Eve".

Verified post-human lifespan; claims to be 10,000-15,000 years old. Varying appearance.

Is SCP a horror game? ›

SCP – Containment Breach is an indie horror video game developed by Joonas "Regalis" Rikkonen based on fictional stories from the SCP Foundation collaborative writing wiki.

Is there an SCP movie? ›

Containment Breach: Run was a live-action short film based upon SCP - Containment Breach being directed by Gage ("Lotims") Allen.

What SCP is infinite? ›

SCP-3008 is a seemingly infinite Ikea-like store, with no known entrance or exit. The store contains countless furniture and products, but also an unknown number of entities.

Who is the youngest SCP? ›

SCP-053 appears to be a small 3-year-old girl. She is capable of basic speech and appears to be slightly above average in mental development. She has a generally pleasant personality and rarely seems upset, becoming agitated only in the presence of groups of people.

How many SCPs can talk? ›

Only two SCPs are able to use the alternate voice chat button to speak to humans. Those being SCP-939, who can speak to humans with the alternate voice chat button, and SCP-079 who can use speakers across Site-02 to communicate. To speak, SCPs use the voice chat button(Q by default).

Is there a baby SCP? ›

SCP-734, also known as The Baby, is a Keter-class human infant currently contained by the SCP Foundation with the power to flake and completely destroy any human body over time. Despite his dangerous power the Foundation plans to use SCP-734 as their special bio-weapon when he grows up.

Was SCP-3008 real? ›

It's a fictional wiki for a secretive organization that deals with paranormal phenomena, and anyone can submit entries to it.

Which SCP is Lego? ›

SCP-387, known by the alias "Living Legos", is a Safe-class toy SCP contained within the SCP Foundation.

Are SCP games legal? ›

SCP is licensed under a Creative Commons copyright license. A CC license allows people other than the author to share, use, and build a creative work for free and without legal consequences. With this license, anyone can create products from the SCP brand.

Is site 19 real? ›

USMILA Site-19 is an SCP Foundation facility and currently the largest site in operation. It houses hundreds of Safe and Euclid class SCPs and is the most well known of the many sites under Foundation control.

Can SCP 999 free roam? ›

SCP-999 is allowed free roam, so this is not considered breaking rules or causing any major damage.

What SCP is unstoppable? ›

SCP-835-JP, also known as Keteru Yamiko, that is almost impossible to contain. Able to teleport from shadow to shadow and attack her victims in a fury, Keteru Yamiko seems like an unstoppable force.

Is SCP 3700 1 friendly? ›

Personality. Unlike its counterpart, SCP-3700-1 was benevolent, non-hostile, and at times philanthropic in nature, whilst displaying basic forms of sapience.

Which SCP is invincible? ›

SCP-966 is invisible, and cannot be seen without the use of night vision goggles, which are only available to MTF Eta-10 ("See No Evil") units. When made visible, SCP-966 appears as a white humanoid creature with black glowing eyes.

What is the difficulty in SCP Containment? ›

The available settings include Easy, Normal, and Hard, with each setting corresponding to one of the default difficulties (i.e. Easy for Safe, Normal for Euclid, Hard for Keter). These settings affect the difficulty in acquiring upgraded keycards from SCP-914 and the speed of some NPCs.

What is the strongest SCP unit? ›

MTF Tau-5 "Samsara" is a highly sophisticated and elite Mobile Task Force formed from powerful robotic Cyborgs.

What class is SCP 666? ›

Class D Personnel without a history of alcohol or narcotics abuse were able to sit inside the yurt for days at a time if provided proper nourishment, and did report a greater intensity in their dreams.

What is SCP-682 weak to? ›

SCP-682's primary weakness and how it is kept detained. Strong corrosive acid will damage its body and force its to constantly regenerate, rendering it unable to move. However, this is not a permanent solution since it will eventually regenerate faster than the acid can damage it and cause a breach.

What is the Euclid difficulty in SCP? ›

Euclid difficulty is used to earn badges and is chosen by most. This difficulty is no different from Safe, except Console Commands are unusable and the item-picking perk is taken away. Unlike SCP: CB, you can save anywhere you can save with Safe difficulty.

Can SCPs open doors? ›

According to the guide, SCP-173 is capable of opening doors by pressing the botton next to a door. However, the guide doesn't specify whether can SCP-173 also use elevator doors or open doors that require a keycard.

What is the most famous MTF? ›

Starting with the most famous one. Epsilon-11 | Nine Tailed-Fox : Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11 is a highly trained, three member unit specializing in the recontainment of nearly every type of anomaly. As such, they are only deployed when the facility regarding their deployment is under quite dire circumstances.

What SCP has superhuman strength? ›

SCP-4128 has immense strength and endurance which allows him to lift objects from 3,500 kg to over 20,000 kg. He can sprint at a speed of approximately 85 km/h, and is capable to vertically leap at a height of 18 meters. He is also seemingly immortal, since he is 108 years old and still looks like a middle-aged man.

Who was the first SCP? ›

The SCP Foundation originated in the "paranormal" /x/ forum of 4chan in 2007, where the very first SCP file, SCP-173, was posted by an anonymous user (later identified as Moto42), accompanied by an image of the sculpture "Untitled 2004" by Japanese artist Izumi Kato.

Which SCP is immortal? ›

It has been determined that the personnel casualties and resource expenditure needed to protect SCP-781 can no longer be justified, as continued interference has only caused the manifestations to become more dangerous and volatile, and SCP-781's immortal nature has been fully proven in any case.

What SCP is 6969? ›

DESCRIPTION: SCP-6969 is the designation for a thaumaturgic biological process which occurs during ejaculation.

Is there an SCP 0? ›

Currently, there are only two recovered books containing SCP-0 within them, both of which are contained in an undisclosed area of Site-96. Description: SCP-0 refers to a language widely similar to the main language of the Republic of Ethiopia, Amharic.

What SCP class is 999? ›

SCP-999, also known as "The Tickle Monster", is a character in the SCP Foundation series. It is a Safe-class SCP which is known for its adorable appearance and friendly attitude.


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